Golden Globes: Paramedics Called After Jane Fonda’s Boyfriend Faints Next to Channing Tatum

Jane Fonda Reuters
Los Angeles, CA

Things got a little hot during 2015’s annual Golden Globe awards. So searingly hot, in fact, that Jane Fonda’s boyfriend literally passed out at his table.

Paramedics were reportedly called to the awards show after Richard Perry, Fonda’s long-time beau, collapsed at a table whose occupants included Sienna Miller, Mark Ruffalo, and Channing Tatum.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association President, Theo Kingma, told The Hollywood Reporter that Perry overheated after sitting in close proximity to the stage’s front lights.

A spokesperson for the Beverly Hills Police Department also confirmed that paramedics were called for an unknown medical emergency. Beverly Hills Fire Department responders reportedly examined Perry, but determined he did not require medical treatment.

Fonda continued the show, as scheduled, and presented the Best Actor in a TV Series award just moments later.