Ashley Hamilton Arrested for Impersonating Cop with Phony Movie Badge

Los Angeles, CA

Actor and musician Ashley Hamilton, son of George Hamilton, was arrested in Los Angeles Tuesday at the LGBT Medical Center for impersonating an officer.

TMZ reports that Hamilton took a friend to a crowded LGBT center for emergency care Tuesday, but was met with a long line. He reportedly approached a counter and asked a staffer if his friend could see a doctor, but was informed he would have to wait in line, like everyone else.

Law enforcement officials told TMZ that Hamilton then approached the staffer again, this time with a shiny badge, and demanded treatment for his friend, who was then seen immediately.

The staffer later pressed him about which law enforcement agency he was employed through, when he allegedly confessed he was not a police officer. The actual police were then called, and upon questioning Hamilton, learned that his badge was just a movie prop.

He was promptly arrested for impersonating an officer and detained at a police station, before being released the following morning.

Ashley Hamilton is best known for appearances in Iron Man 3, Beethoven’s 2nd, and Sunset Beach. He was also previously married to Angie Everhart and Shannen Doherty.