Restaurant Bans Michael Moore, Seth Rogen Over ‘American Sniper’ Comments

Michigan Live TV
Michigan Live TV

Wyoming, Michigan restaurant owner Tommy Brann–owner of Brann’s Sizzling Steaks and Sports Bar–has officially placed a sign on his business’s marquée which says, “Michael Moore and Seth Rogen are NOT allowed in my place.”

Brann did this as a way to support Chris Kyle after Moore and Rogen tweeted negative and degrading comments about snipers in general and American Sniper in particular. Moore described snipers as “cowards,” and Rogen suggested American Sniper reminded him of Nazi propaganda.

According to WOOD 8 TV, Brann explained his motivation thus: “For 43 years I’ve been a small business man because of the Chris Kyles of the world and I have a right to not serve the Michael Moores and Seth Rogens. That guy (Chris Kyle) is an American hero.”

In 2010, Michigan Live (ML) did a profile on Brann, whom they described as “fiercely patriotic.” Brann told ML he never served in the military, and he’s always felt “guilty about that.” A few years back, he wrote a letter to Congressman Vern Ehlers (R-Grand Rapids) to ask if there was a way “he could serve his country.”

The Congressman mentioned the Michigan Voluntary Defense Force (MVDF), and Brann joined it. Brann says he does not equate his role in the MVDF with the role filled by “people in the military,” but he at least feels like he is now giving something back to his country.

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