Comedy Central Mocks Lawmaker Pushing To Arm Women Against Sexual Assault

Reuters/ Joshua Roberts AP/Cathleen Allison
Reuters/ Joshua Roberts AP/Cathleen Allison

On March 3, Comedy Central’s The Nighty Show with Larry Wilmore mocked Nevada Assemblywoman Michle Fiore (R) for wanting to arm women against sexual assault.

Fiore is pushing for Campus Carry in Nevada, whereby women with concealed carry licenses could carry their guns on campus just like they carry them for self-defense in Walmart, gas stations, restaurants, and other public places.

But according to Comedy Central, this push is just an outgrowth of Fiore’s “thuglife,” and they know this because of two things: First, because Fiore owns a lamp shaped like an AK-47, and second, because she said men would think twice about assaulting “hot little girls on campus” if said girls were armed to defend themselves.

So that’s how the thuglife looks? It looks like someone who values the idea of women being able to defend themselves?

In the same episode, Comedy Central also went to great lengths to criticize the NRA for supporting the push to arm women for self-defense.

They did this by playing an edited clip that showed NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre saying, “We fear for our moms, we fear for our wives, our sisters and our daughters. Because we know how exposed they are.” The Comedy Central host later mocked LaPierre, and said, “So, [the NRA’s] using scare tactics on women.”

This criticism could only be valid if in fact unarmed women faced no danger on campus. But the truth is quite the opposite of that. In fact, when Salon magazine criticized the Campus Carry push, they did so in spite of the danger unarmed women face on campus. Salon fully admitted there is a “campus rape crisis.”

So if there is a campus rape crisis, why is Fiore a thug for wanting to protect women, and why is LaPierre a fearmonger for joining her in this effort?

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