Tom Hanks’ Rapper Son Feuds with Howard Stern, Threatens Violence

Chet Haze / Howard Stern (Twitter / UPI)
Twitter / UPI

Tom Hanks’ rapper son Chester, aka Chet Haze, took to Twitter to threaten radio shock jock Howard Stern this week after Stern questioned Haze’s gangsta credentials as the son of a famous Hollywood celebrity.

According to the Contra Costa Times, the feud dates back to February 11, when Stern reportedly joked that Tom Hanks “must be so annoyed” that his son pretends to be a hardened rapper while he grew up in a tony California suburb.

“Where’d he grow up, Beverly Hills?” Stern joked. “What a (expletive) douche.”

This month, Rude Jude, host of Sirius XM’s The All Out Show on the Shade 25 channel, appeared on Stern’s show, and the two reportedly discussed Hanks’ son. Of course, Chet Haze wasn’t happy about that.

The rapper tweeted to Stern, calling him “old” and saying that his “time had passed.”

Of course, Stern responded on his radio show by joking that he would tweet to the senior Hanks and ask him to pull his son’s allowance. He also reminded Hanks, Jr. that he became famous without the help of an A-list actor father.

After that, Haze unleashed a torrent of tweets threatening violence against Stern, calling him a “f***ing Jheri curled c***.”