Model Cassandra Bankson Discovers She Has Two Vaginas


Model and YouTube star Cassandra Bankson discovered last year she has two vaginas.

The 22-year-old was suffering from chronic kidney pain, and after going to see her doctor she learned she also has two wombs and two cervixes.

“When we got the test results back, the doctor said I only had one kidney and flippantly added that I have two vaginas -as she suspected,” Bankson told Barcroft TV this week.

The condition is called uterus didelphys and effects less than 100 women around the world, according to India Today.

“I was shocked and the doctor explained to me that it was like an upside-down nose,” she continued. “I didn’t really know what to make of it–I was just in shock but I don’t really let it get in the way of my life.”

“I guess I’m twice the woman I thought I was,” she added.

Bankson says her new diagnosis helped her understand health issues she experienced growing up.

“Ever since I was younger, even without knowing about this condition, I’ve gone to the doctor because I was bleeding for 23-28 days and I would have two periods a month,” said Bankson. “Or I would have crippling cramps, I couldn’t move – or my bowels would just not want to behave because the cramps were so bad and mood swings.”

Uterus didelphys can make sexual intercourse very painful, or exactly the opposite, according to Bankson.

The model’s physician explains that while a lot of women have the condition, it often goes undiagnosed. Many find out only when they are pregnant.

“So it’s possible it won’t even bother her in a sexual way. There’s a possibility there could be some issues getting pregnant but those can be dealt with,” she added.

Bankson says sheis not interested in getting pregnant, as of yet, but if she does she hopes to give birth naturally.

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