Jeremy Lin Calls Out Chris Rock for Asian Joke at Oscars

Jeremy Lin CJ Wilcox
The Associated Press

Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin called out Oscars host Chris Rock for a joke involving Asians. Lin’s outrage over the comedian’s racial joke comes in the wake of Rock’s awards-show monologue decrying racial discrimination in Hollywood.

Rock’s joke involved three Asian children dressed as accountants walking onto the stage after the comedian informed the audience that PricewaterhouseCoopers sent the Academy their best people. “They sent us their most dedicated, accurate and hard-working representatives,” the Saturday Night Live-alum joked. “Please welcome Ming Zhu, Bao Ling, and David Moskowitz.”

Rock advised, “If anybody’s upset about that joke, just tweet about it on your phone that was also made by these kids.”

Jeremy Lin did just that.

“Welcome to the Academy Awards, otherwise known as the White People’s Choice Awards,” Rock joked during the show’s opening. Although the controversy centered around the lack of black nominees, Asians garnered a mere nomination in the six major categories.