‘Bad Blood’ Director: Taylor Swift and Nicole Brown Were Both ‘Murdered’ by Kardashians

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What Kanye West did to Taylor Swift is like what OJ Simpson did to Nicole Brown: and it’s all basically the Kardashians’ fault.

No, really, someone actually said this. Here’s the tweet.

Joseph Kahn, you should know, is very much #TeamTaylor. He’s the director of several of her videos include “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood” – so obviously a degree of fanatical loyalty is expected of him, as is expected of every member of Taylor’s scary gang.

To give an idea, here are a few more of his tweets:


Even so: what the actual…

Let’s just unpack this extraordinary analogy and see if any of it makes any remote sense.

Well, yes, it’s true that Taylor Swift and Nicole Brown are indeed blonde women. It’s also true that Kardashians have been involved in both their lives – lawyer Robert Kardashian as one of the defence attorneys who secured OJ’s acquittal in the murder trial, daughter-of-Robert Kim Kardashian as the wife of Taylor’s on-off nemesis Kanye West.

But at that point the similarities end.

Nicole Brown is dead – stabbed multiple times in the head and the neck. OJ may not have done it – or so the jury decided – but most definitely she was murdered.

Taylor Swift is not dead.

Yes, it might be true to say that reputation has been murdered on Snapchat by Kim Kardashian. (All explained here if you’re not up to speed).

Even there though, the comparison is deeply unfair.

Nicole Brown was an innocent woman.

Taylor Swift, on the other hand, totally had it coming to her.

And Kim Kardashian – I hate to say this – is the heroine of the hour. Like a good wife, she came to her husband’s rescue in his hour of need. And she did the world a massive favor by exposing goodie-two-shoes Tay Tay as the scheming manipulator she obviously is really.