In New Orleans, Media Incuriosity When the News Doesn't Fit the 'Narrative'

The tragedy of the unprovoked attack on Allee Bautsch and Joe Brown in New Orleans recently is intensified by the media’s near-silence on the matter. In another example of its no-enemies-to-the-left mentality, the MSM has gone to ground. Not a word is issued in print condemning the attacks. No reporters are calling members of Congress, the White House or the head of the DNC for comment. No talking heads on television are pulling their chins and wondering if there’s a “climate of hate” loose in the French Quarter.

What we have here is effective MSM news blackout on a vicious, and most likely politically motivated attack. Has the fourth estate falling into such a swoon with the progressive talking points, that they too believe like the attackers that Ms. Bautsch was a “lil blond b*tch” and thus deserved the beating she got?

Bautsch - Allee

Does the local press in New Orleans not want to dig into the works of local progressives and their propensity for violence? Does the complete lack of fitting the narrative of “right-wing violence” keep the press far from watchdog mode and squarely in lapdog mode?

Here we have a beautiful 26-year-old woman who has pins and screws keeping her leg together. We have her boyfriend with a broken jaw and nose. At what point does the media become a willing accomplice, through its silence and utter lack of curiosity, in these crimes?

For more than a year, we have heard about putative violence from the Tea Party and right-wing homeland security threats, yet so far the only violence has come from the other side. The media has presumptively declared the Tea Partiers racists, yet the proof is strangely lacking. Andrew Breitbart has offered $100,000 for video proving that racist taunts were shouted at members of the Congressional Black Caucus, as alleged by the progressive left and its willing accomplices in the media. The money is still on the table.

[youtube EBrBA9In0X8 nolink]

The media has driven the violence towards the conservatives. They have spewed MoveOn and Organizing For America talking points. At some point won’t an adult in the newsrooms across America begin to question the narrative? When will the news directors start to challenge the assertions of the progressive left? At what point will the lies and the broken bones be enough?

We’ve had more than a week go by with no arrests in the New Orleans case. Days of silence by the local press, of the DNC chairman not having to answer questions about violence from party supporters, of thugs free to live their lives unafraid of the consequences of their actions.

Enough is enough. The media has tacitly approved the shattering of a young woman’s leg in five places, apparently over political differences. The media by its lack of coverage and pressure has sent a clear signal to the American people that the press will sit by when the thugs come for us next.

Maybe the next Tea Party needs to be held along Media Row on Sixth Ave, at Rockefeller Center, in New York.


Read this from the New Orleans police report and ask yourself if the fourth estate is looking out for your interest and safety:

Shortly before 10:30 p.m., Mr. Brown and Ms. Bautsch left the restaurant and began walking towards St. Louis Street. Mr. Brown noted there were several protesters loitering in the area, but not nearly the number which had been present earlier. Soon after leaving the restaurant he heard “cat calls.” At an unknown point within the 400 block of Royal Street, both Mr. Brown and Ms. Bautsch then crossed from the Brennan’s side of the street to the Supreme Court side of the street.

They continued to walk towards St. Louis when Mr. Brown began to hear people behind him scream obscenities. Initially he was not sure if they were being directed at him and his girlfriend, of if they were simply the outbursts of drunken revelers.

As they neared the intersection, Mr. Brown state he heard subjects state things such as “Little blonde bitch,” “You’re a f—– faggot,” and “You think you’re f—- special.”

At this point, Mr. Brown realized these derogatory terms were being directed at Ms. Bautsch and him. He then requested she begin to walk faster toward the Omni-Royal hotel located at the intersection of St. Louis and Royal.

Mr. Brown also recalled the farther they got from the restaurant, the closer these subjects got to them. When they reached the corner of St. Louis and Royal, Mr. Brown and his date turned south on St. Louis.

It was at this time that one of the subjects pushed him into the iron gate that surround the State Supreme Court (building). He then fell to the ground, and one of the attackers got on top of him and began to attack him. Mr. Brown stated as he was pushed to the ground, Ms. Bautsch was also either pushed down or fell down near where he was. As he fought to get his attacker off of him, he heard his girlfriend cry out in pain. She then repeatedly stated, “Oh my god, my leg is broken.”

All of the attackers then ran away in an unknown direction.