Dowd: Palin shot "Obambi"

In her epic competition with Kathleen Parker over who can be the snarkiest towards Gov. Sarah Palin, Maureen Dowd now claims a scene from TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” is, in fact comparable to Palin hunting down the President of the United States.

Dowd is feasting on the scene from Palin’s TLC show where the former Governor is hunting a caribou with her father. Palin eventually shoots and kills the animal, which sent the liberal blogosphere into an apoplectic shock.

Ms. Dowd’s column was pretty typical for an anti-Palin hit piece. She points out Palin missed the caribou a couple times, which reinforces the “Palin’s a moron” meme. She pokes Palin for, “her camo, her French manicured nails, her cap that says (in pink) Girls And Guns, her 72-year-old father and her TLC reality show crew.” This hits the “diva” meme again. Through it all, Dowd says Palin did everything from “pontificating” to accusing her of “eviscerating animals for fun.” Heck, she even found a way to insert Former Vice President Cheney’s hunting accident in the fray.

But Dowd finds a way to distinguish this article from the others by upping the ante a bit. “The caribou that waited too pliantly in the cross hairs is doomed to become stew for Palin and an allegory for politics.” Of course, what Maureen Dowd sees isn’t simply a woman who can hunt, she must delve deeper to make sure the imbecile Palin isn’t hiding some sinister meaning. “The elegant animal standing above the fray, dithering rather than charging at his foes or outmaneuvering them, is Obambi.” And there you have it. Sarah Palin, in the twisted world of Maureen Dowd, wants to kill Barack Obambi … I mean Obama.

Dowd continues by poetically comparing the caribou to our “most reasonable mammal in the scene” President Barack Obama. But not only does Palin want to shoot Obambi, “trigger-happy Sarah represents the Republicans, who have spent two years taking shots at the president, including potshots, and tormenting him in an effort to bring him down.” I guess Dowd ignores the fact that most of her columns are taking similar pot shots at Sarah Palin herself.

Dowd concludes by dovetailing this into the tax deal Obama struck. Somehow this whole thing is supposed to mean that the GOP holds the trigger to the Democrats. I guess if anyone out there thinks this over the top comparison is just that, then you clearly don’t understand the “distinguished commentary” that won Dowd a Pulitzer.