More "Racist Obscenities" Missed by Lawrence O'Donnell

Here you see the President depicted in half man, half animal form with ears that don’t exist in the Homo sapiens species.

Far worse, the JibJab brothers’ idea of a clever political joke was to present this racist obscenity in front of the President at the 2009 White House Correspondents Dinner.

The JibJab brothers won’t listen to me, but they might listen to you. Please. Tell them how disappointed you are. Please. Tell them to stop. Be sure to use the creepiest voice you can imagine, and keep repeating yourself for at least 6 full minutes.

Other parts of this juvenile video attribute other racist stereotypes about Barack Obama: that he is prone to violence, is an arsonist, and is really bad with money.

So why didn’t Lawrence O’Donnell go off forever on this cartoon?

Answer after the jump (original racist video too).

Because it wasn’t on a Breitbart website. Thus, agenda moot.

[youtube kVFdAJRVm94 nolink]

Also because the President thought it was really funny, like everyone else in the country.