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O'Reilly Let Stewart Off Easy

Jon Stewart got away with a lot of ridiculous arguments on The Factor the other night. Stewart’s argument that Common wasn’t actually supporting cop killing because he somehow believes that both Assata Shakur and Mumia Abu Jamal are actually innocent

Maybe It's Jon Stewart Who Can't See Beyond Race

I’m going to make some points about the lesser controversies (namely the lyrics issue) surrounding the invitation of rapper/poet “Common” to the Whitehouse, because John Nolte has the larger controversies that were completely ignored by Jon Stewart pretty well covered.

More of Jon Stewart's Extraordinary Sleight of Hand

I’m going to make some points about the lesser controversies (namely the lyrics issue) surrounding the invitation of rapper/poet “Common” to the Whitehouse, because John Nolte has the larger controversies that were completely ignored by Jon Stewart pretty well covered.

Mediaite 'Racer' Tommy Christopher Manufactures Some Racism

Rabid leftist and Mediate goofball Tommy Christopher certainly isn’t above race baiting, but unlike some halfhearted MSM “racers,” he isn’t content with merely maligning someone as a racist through innuendo. No, he’s going to make up some facts as well.

More "Racist Obscenities" Missed by Lawrence O'Donnell

Here you see the President depicted in half man, half animal form with ears that don’t exist in the Homo sapiens species. Far worse, the JibJab brothers’ idea of a clever political joke was to present this racist obscenity in

Campaign 2012 Funeral Rally: We Compare, You Decide

Exact same color scheme, exact same font, which I would imagine is proprietary. If you’re still skeptical, allow the Reverend Jackson to demonstrate: Ok I lied in the title. I’m going to decide this one. Both the color scheme and

Is The Honeymoon Over on "Parker/Spitzer?"

I think everyone always knew that CNN only recruited Kathleen Parker for “Parker Spitzer” as an effort to somehow make it socially acceptable to introduce a man known nationally only for prostitutes as a TV personality and anchor envisioned to

Joe Scarborough and Nicole Wallace Sound the Trumpet for War on Palin

A day after Joe Scarborough dialed up the phony outrage in a Politico opinion piece, claiming that Palin was insulting and tearing down “Republican giants” like Reagan and both Bushes to “build her weak résumé,” Morning Joe brought on Nicole

David Frum: Palin Is a Racist

As disturbingly amusing as David Frum’s sexual fascination with Sarah Palin has been (you really went for it this time didn’t you, David?), Frum believes he’s finally found the smoking gun proving Sarah Palin is racist, in an excerpt from

Surreal: NBC Names Sharif el Gamal 'Person of the Year'

Of course you did, NBC. How could you resist? NBC will apparently be naming the remarkably shady developer of the Ground Zero Mosque one of its “People of the Year.” NBC released a preview of what appears to be yet

Ellis Henican selling Thermacare Heat Wraps on Fox News

About a year ago, O’Reilly caught John Edwards selling SunSetter Awnings on Fox News: [youtube yHfvnZKAYhQ nolink] But why is Fox News contributor Ellis Henican now selling Thermacare Heat Wraps on Fox News (video)?

Jon Stewart Skewers Beck the Right Way

Any public figure who is as easy to make fun of as Glenn Beck deserves to be made fun of regardless of their politics. Life is too short, and it has always been a healthy sign for conservatives that we

NPR Says Lack of Government Funding = Government Control

“Good judgment prevailed as Congress rejected a move to assert government control over the content of news.” – National Public Radio So spoke the government financed news of the failed efforts to sever government ties. Good god, how Orwellian can

Zionist Organization of America Defends Beck, Condemns Soros

It’s never pretty when a debate over charges of bigotry comes down to how many organizations with ethnic identities whose leaders have proclaimed themselves unelected spokesmen for an entire ethnicity of people have lined up on either side. In Beck

Swing and a Miss for "Heavy Breather" Matt Welch

Reason Magazine editor Matt Welch begins a critique of Beck’s “The Puppet Master” series from last week with a sentence that captures the general approach of many other critics of the series: “I didn’t watch Glenn Beck’s three-part series on

Groups Funded by Soros Network Back Soros

The Soros-funded Media Matters and the Soros-funded Jewish Funds for Justice (JFSJ) social justice group have both mysteriously sided with George Soros and denounced Glenn Beck’s unique brand of pro-Israel anti-Semitism in his “The Puppet Master” expose. Incidentally, The Shefa

Gerson's War on Conservatism Threatens Bush Legacy

Michael Gerson became the latest former Bush operative to escalate the post election war on the tea party and Sarah Palin in his Washington Post column “The GOP’s Sarah Palin Problem.” He mangles the facts terribly, even blaming Palin and

Partisan Politico Gets Ready for Paradigm Shift, Turns Guns on Republicans

Politico reporter Abby Phillip began one piece yesterday by asserting “Republicans jumped Sunday on President Barack Obama’s defense of a proposed mosque […] Democrats meanwhile sought to change the subject.” Judging by Politico‘s and Phillip’s reporting, they intend to help