Wednesday Crib Sheet: MSNBC's Rules

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On crackers. MSNBC set the rules when it declared “food stamps” as a Racist Codeword . Going by MSNBC’s rules, “cracker,” even when used on Floridians, is Racist .

Memphis police delete a photographer’s cell phone photos:

If you are on a public street and take pictures or video of Memphis Police with your cell phone, you could end up in the back of a squad car and your pictures could be deleted.

ABC 24 News photographer Casey Monroe said that’s what happened to him Sunday morning. Police never charged Monroe with a crime, but this could happen to anyone with a cell phone camera.

Monroe said police went too far outside Thai Bistro Restaurant in downtown Memphis that morning, and that they violated his rights.

As police were giving the restaurant’s owner, Loy Bouaphaypengerprachan, a ticket for parking illegally, Monroe went to see what was going on and started taking pictures of the parking ticket fiasco.

The owner told, “I think he was doing what a regular citizen would do if they see a situation that’s happening they’re trying to evidence.”

Monroe said he was “just trying to document the situation going on.”

– Bozell: Jan Brewer vs the Shoe-Tossing Journalist.

ABC makes two new hires.

Newt vs the debate moderators.