Where Is Media Matters’ Condemnation Of Urine-Throwing Occupiers?

Media Matters, who excoriated the Marines in a video where they appeared to urinate on the dead bodies of Taliban fighters who tried to kill them in combat, have ignored the Occupy movement’s latest tactic: throwing urine on members of the media.

Media Matters tried in vain to get Dana Loesch fired from CNN over her observation that the reaction to the video was more dramatic than the video itself. The idea that a soldier would urinate on the body of a dead terrorist after battle so offended them that they spoke of nothing else for three weeks.

So I’m sure that they’ve written reams about the Occupy Wall Street movement throwing bricks at cops’ heads and throwing urine at media, right?


Not one post condemning OWS from essentially urinating on the members of the media. OWSers weren’t soldiers in the head of battle and the media members they threw urine at aren’t Taliban fighters. Media Matters only cares about the topic if they can use it to tyrannically blacklist diverse thought from the airwaves. Just recently they tried to say that Loesch on her radio show observing how the policy of nationalizing portions of the private sector is what the German National Socialists did in the 30s. Their idiotic headline? ‘Dana Loesch Calls Liberals Nazis.”

Media Matters needs to be careful about throwing around the “nazi” term especially as they’ve been heavily criticized by everyone from the Simon Wiesenthal Center for using an antisemitic slur; even Media Matters allies have thrown them under the bus due to their refusal to stop using the slur or cease employing the writers who use it. They’re eager to deflect the negative attention, so look to trump up a controversy somewhere as a distraction.

There’s no pretense, except in Boehlert’s mind, that “Media Matters” actually practices media. If they did, they would condemn the behavior they and their side demonstrate that is worse than the “nontroversies” they fall over themselves to trump up and point out.

But let’s ask anyway: where is Media Matters’ condemnation of the occupiers who threw urine on members of the media? Where is their condemnation of anything this violent, lackluster group has done? Yet they expect to be taken seriously discussing anyone else?

They were called “irrelevant” before, as seen in their inability to oust Loesch and Erickson from the airwaves, and they’re even more of a joke when you realize how their credibility, as demonstrated above, is nonexistent.