Alan Dershowitz: Media Matters Could Cost Obama the Election

Alan Dershowitz lashed out at Max Blumenthal and Media Matters at a recent appearance, angrily remarking that they will cost Obama the election:

Much more newsworthy than the silly spitballs Blumenthal threw with his screaming article was Dershowitz’s conviction that Blumenthal and his buddies at Media Matters (a media watchdog organization affiliated with the Democratic party and which has recently been widely accused of engaging in anti-Semitism) were going to cost this president the election.

Asked at the pre-event press conference whether he had seen Blumenthal’s article, Dershowitz’s immediate and angry response was: “I have, and let me tell you, Max Blumenthal and Media Matters will be singlehandedly responsible for [Obama] losing this election. They [the Democrats] cannot win the election and keep this affiliation with them [Media Matters].”

Media Matters hasn’t done much to hide their agenda: Media Matters has been condemned by the Simon Wiesenthal Center for their continued use of an antisemitic slur; their own allies have even thrown them under the bus for antisemitism. Media Matters refuses to address these, and instead, chooses to deflect by stalking Fox News and Breitbart employees.

The above, coupled with the embarrassing bomb the Daily Caller last night dropped on Media Matters, the reckless organization is on the fast track from agenda peddler to political liability.