This Is What Happens When Keith Olbermann Taunts Conservatives

Last night, while defending himself against attacks of giving rapists immunity and total hypocrisy, one brave conservative let Olbermann have it:

Olbermann’s typical response:

Yes, Olbermann’s doing this for ratings. He’s using us, and I’m using him as an example that the ill effects of in-breeding can have on logic. I mean that in the kindest, most loving way possible. I’ll repent later.

I decided to follow him.

A few people following the fight also followed him. Their friends did the same, and so did their friends’s friends. Proving that you don’t need a hundred thousand followers to have an effect, MGood had over a thousand followers in little over an hour. Last I checked he was rounding 1,400.

That’s what conservatives do when faced with progressive bully tactics. They rally. They own. And they do it in an hour. Let’s see Keith Olbermann get his viewer count to do the same.

*Editor’s note: the byline incorrectly stated Kregg Janke’s name earlier. We regret the error.