Media Ignores Obama Tax Confusion

Media Ignores Obama Tax Confusion

The current top headline on Memeorandum is “Romney’s Tax Confusion.” This morning on CNN I spoke with Don Lemon about the Romney camp’s earlier remark on the tax/mandate battle and Romney’s reported “confusion.” Why doesn’t anyone want to ask about President Obama’s apparent confusion?

The Obama administration argued that the health care law was a mandate, then their solicitor general argued (poorly) before the Supreme Court that it was a tax. Now the administration has flipped again and is back to arguing that it’s a mandate. In a bizarre twist, Obama and congressional Democrat leadership are publicly contradicting the Supreme Court’s ruling and arguing against the Constitutionality of they’re own law. How’s that for confusion? 

The President also promised that the middle class would not be slammed with higher taxes for the sake of health care. 

That was a lie: economists say that the very middle class Obama pandered to during the campaign are the same people hardest hit by Obamatax: those making $120k or less will shoulder roughly 75% of the costs for Obamacare. 

So why the focus on Romney’s “confusion?” Granted, Eric Fehrnstrom didn’t do the Governor any favors when he failed to clearly articulate Romney’s position on the issue — but that’s not the problem. The problem is that the Obama administration itself is purposefully attempting to confuse the public on the issue by flip-flopping on how they themselves define their own law. 

Why isn’t our media covering that?