George Stephanopoulos Calls 'Crip Walk' a 'Fantastic Dance'

George Stephanopoulos Calls 'Crip Walk' a 'Fantastic Dance'

ABC has now doubled down on its “happy talk” towards gang warfare. I don’t know what else to call this. 

This is about Serena Williams and the Crip Walk, Part II.

After the weekend crew called the “Crip Walk” a “joyful little dance,” George Stephanopoulos (the thoughtful and caring host of “This Week”) calls it a “fantastic dance” as he was interviewing Williams live. Williams performed the Crip Walk after she won Olympic Gold in women’s tennis. 

It’s interesting to note, ABC did not use the name of the dance, as they did over the weekend, the word “Crip” was all over their first broadcast, but nowhere in their second one. They know what the dance is, and what it represents, but still laughed and joked about it anyway. They removed the name of the dance because of it’s obvious gang ties, but still celebrated its use and replayed the video.

George asked Serena about the “debate” she kicked up, but never explained what the debate was about. Huh? What’s that about George? At least have the guts to tell the viewers what the controversy is about and what the dance symbolizes. 

ABC, let me tell you the Crip Walk is performed usually after a member of the Crips street gang from Los Angeles kills a member of the Bloods. George, if you think that’s “fantastic,” then so be it. The dance was banned by MTV and banned by high schools in the Southland because of what it symbolized, but now revered on ABC. 

In a normal world the media, which prides itself on informing and protecting viewers, would question Williams on why she performed a dance that symbolizes death and destruction of her neighborhood of Compton. Instead, they laugh, joke and celebrate. They are gutless on one level, complicit on another. 

Tomorrow ABC, let’s bring the mother of a dead Bloods member on the show and ask her what she thinks of the “fantastic” and “joyful little dance.” 

Make sure to wear a red tie that day.