Anti-Wall Street Movement Goes Extreme in Vegas

Anti-Wall Street Movement Goes Extreme in Vegas

We are used to shocking billboards in Las Vegas. Usually they are near The Strip and they show bodies in various stages of undress. These latest shocking billboards make a clear political statement. 

The War on Wall St. took to the roadways this week as billboards showed up with bodies hanging from them with a message that any Barack Obama supporter would find very familiar. “Hope you’re happy Wall St.” said one. Another said, “Dying for work.” 

The message was as clear as the sub-plot of the latest Batman movie, an Occupy Wall Street rally, or Obama speech. Wall Street is to blame for this economic crisis. Forget the fact that government caused this recession by changing the rules used by banks to lend money, lies must be told and banks must be blamed. Does anybody thing for one second banks just decided on their own to loan money to people who could not pay it back? Banks made bad loans because government encouraged them to do so, “guaranteed” the loans, and threatened them if they didn’t.  Hey—the real cause of the economic crisis in half a paragraph. 

But back to the billboards. 

The billboards were not bought by protesters, the messages were painted on the boards overnight and dummies were hanged. This was the work of vandals. 

The media is reporting fairly on these boards, but what both the national and local media are missing is the connection between Obama and actions like these. While Dear Leader was in Colorado talking about “economic fairness,” these billboards are popping up in Nevada. Economic fairness? Can anybody in the media figure out what economic fairness means? That just happens to be the War on Wall Street, in case you didn’t know (but don’t dare call him a socialist.) 

The Occupy Wall Street movement has denied they put up the billboards, but they openly say they understand and can sympathize with the message. So does our current president. 

It’s time (past time) for the media to connect the dots on all of this. Time and time again this president has spoken out against the 1%. It is the theme of his campaign to try to destroy Mitt Romney because he is successful and wealthy. War on Wall Street. Obama followers have committed numerous acts of violence across the country that have been well documented. Death, rapes, bombings, riots, destruction of property, fights with police. These are all modern day disciples of Bill Ayers. 

Barack Obama is fanning these flames with his rhetoric against Wall Street. The Activist Old Media refuse to make this connection because they want him re-elected and they agree with him. It is that simple.