Media Watch: BREAKING from CNN: Obama To Increase '08 Turnout Advantage!

During the perfect storm of ’08, Barack Obama enjoyed a 7% advantage over John McCain when it came to party turnout. In other words, Democrats enjoyed a D+7 turnout advantage over Republicans. This also means Democrats were more excited and enthused to vote in almost record numbers.

According to a new CNN poll, Obama is going to beat that!

According to CNN, Democrats are even MORE enthused and excited than they were in 2008!

According to CNN, Republicans are just as demoralized and willing to stay home as they were in 2008!

That’s the real news in this CNN poll, which shows a D+8 advantage for Obama.

But the media won’t report that news because no one would believe it.

But the corrupt media will report as gospel poll numbers based on a partisan advantage no one believes reflects what will happen on election day. But those of us who question poll numbers based on a turnout advantage no one thinks will occur are the crazy ones. The sane ones question NOTHING.

Who are the journalists again?


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