The Left Blogosphere Ignores A Father's Grief Over Senseless Death Of Hero Son In Benghazi

The Left Blogosphere Ignores A Father's Grief Over Senseless Death Of Hero Son In Benghazi

Before a tsunami hits, there’s a horrible moment where the waves recede and everything is silent. That’s the proverbial calm before the storm–and it’s happening right now in major parts of the left-wing blogosphere with the dramatic, heart wrenching story told by Charles Woods about the heroism of his son Tyrone Woods, the ex-Navy SEAL who was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attack on Benghazi. 

Charles Woods has been telling the story since Wednesday, and some of the details are stunning. He told radio host Lars Larson that Secretary of State Clinton told him personally that they would arrest the filmmaker behind the film Innocence of Muslims, despite the fact that the video has nothing to do with the planned terror attack on the U.S. consulate. Mr. Woods has relayed his harrowing, frustrating, gut-wrenching story repeatedly on Fox News and on radio shows–and it’s even been covered by ABC’s Jake Tapper and Slate’s Dave Weigel. The latter referred to it as “a winning Benghazi argument.” 

For the faithful readers of two of America’s leading left-wing websites, The Huffington Post and Daily Kos, the story that Charles Woods is telling about his son’s betrayal in Benghazi simply doesn’t exist. A search of both sites early Sunday morning revealed literally not a single story about Charles Woods’s claim about his son being told to “stand down.”

The eerie silence reminds me of my coverage of the John Edwards affair story years ago, before I met Andrew Breitbart and when I wrote for both Daily Kos and the Huffington Post. I noticed that even though Edwards had been caught leaving the hotel room of his mistress, the left blogosphere was completely silent about the story. I wrote about it and I was promptly banned from Daily Kos. This was my first experience of the power of lockstep liberalism; they try to control the narrative by simply ignoring a story for as long as they can. 

We all know how well the silent treatment worked in the case of the Edwards story.

The story that Charles Woods is telling is too powerful to be contained–and because of the tight Presidential election, it’s too big to be ignored. The current mode for the left is silence. The next step will likely be counterattack; expect Mr. Woods and his hero son to be turned into villains somehow. 

Luckily for the memory of Tyrone Woods, there’s a platoon of citizen journalists who will not stand down under any circumstances.