Media Matters Attacks Politico

Media Matters Attacks Politico

Two of the major Obama sycophants are panicking without admitting it, and one has turned on the other in an attempt to jockey for position as Obama’s mouthpiece. Media Matters has been Obama’s mouthpiece for years, but then Politico moved into a position to challenge Media Matters’ ascendancy, especially because people used to take Politico seriously as a news outlet.

Monday, Media Matters attacked Politico for implying that if Obama wins reelection, it would be from an amalgam of  “Hispanics, African-Americans, single women and highly educated urban whites”, whose composition would not include independents and white voters. Politico authors Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen asserted, “A broad mandate this is not.”

This in itself is a shocking admission from Politico; that Obama’s coalition, if triumphant, would still not confer “mandate” status on his second term.

And Media Matters seized the moment to launch an all-out assault on their competitor: 

Politico didn’t explain why broad mandates rest on the shoulders of whites and independents, simply asserting instead that Obama, should he win, will win in a way that lacks legitimacy. Part of their analysis, however, rested on the myth that the United States is “a center-right country,” which certainly helps to explain why they’d view an electoral coalition that excludes the center-right’s top constituency — white men — as a political nonstarter.

Politico may have been hedging its bets in case Romney wins, appearing to straddle the fence, but Media Matters wasn’t going to let them emerge unscathed. Media Matters knows they can still thrive by pleasing its leftist financial backers whether Obama wins or loses. As Rhett Butler said in Gone With The Wind, “”There’s just as much money to be made in the wreck of a civilization as in the upbuilding of one.”

Still, it’s delightful to watch internecine warfare on the left.