Media Damaging Private Businesses to Protect Obamacare

Media Damaging Private Businesses to Protect Obamacare

Darden Restaurants is in trouble with consumers for its attitude toward Obamacare thanks to the efforts of the media to protect President Obama’s business-killing healthcare law. 

Darden, a major restaurant chain that owns the Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants, protested the stipulations in ObamaCare that required businesses to provide health insurance by announcing they would cut workers’ hours. 

Now Darden is acknowledging that consumers started to view them more negatively as a result of media reports about their decision, and the company has lost business. 

Darden CEO Clarence Otis said, “Our outlook for the year also reflects the potential impact, though difficult to measure, of recent negative media coverage that focused on Darden within the full-service segment and how we might accommodate healthcare reform.” 

Darden stated it had to lower its estimated earnings for fiscal 2013 because of the backlash from consumers.

Papa John’s Pizza has also found its popularity decrease among adults who frequent casual restaurants due to one-sided media coverage of its attempts to stay in business in the face of increased operating costs due to Obamacare.