Newtown Residents Complain of Media Showing Up at Funeral Homes

Newtown Residents Complain of Media Showing Up at Funeral Homes

There’s no question the media needs to be in Newtown covering this story, but as we’ve seen since the beginning, too many members of the media are crossing too many lines: interviewing children, interrupting worship services, and now we have complaints about the media showing up at funeral homes:

Newtown, Connecticut continued to endure a crush of reporters on Tuesday, as its residents struggled with the aftermath of Friday’s shooting. Many have expressed that they want the media to leave — and some journalists, it seems, feel the same way. …

“Please tell them to just ease up,” Teri Brunelli, a Newtown store owner, told reporter Adrienne LaFrance. “It happened and we’re going through it. Just let it be for now.”

The BBC’s Jonny Dymond reported being told, “Go home, please, go home, all of you,” by a man who said that he knew four or five of the families who lost children.

Residents complained about reporters showing up at funeral homes, and there are “no media” signs posted around town.

The article quoted above quotes “journalists” like CNN’s Don Lemon and Wolf Blitzer, as they lament just how gosh-darned hard it is to do their job knowing they’re intruding on a grieving town — you know, because it’s all about them.

Again, this story needs to be covered, but it’s obvious from citizen complaints that some are going way too far and being way too pushy. And we haven’t even hit the phase where the media starts to badger victims’ families about their thoughts on the NRA and gun control.

But our media will never put the feelings and wishes of anyone above their own craven need to exploit this story as a way to undermine our Second Amendment Civil Rights. That’s what this story is really about, and that agenda is far too important to worry about whether or not you should be barging into funeral homes.

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