CNN's Piers Morgan Wants to Ban 'Idiocy' of Constitution

CNN's Piers Morgan Wants to Ban 'Idiocy' of Constitution

CNN’s Piers Morgan is still engaged in his crusade against the U.S. Constitution. His latest salvo in that war is to call “idiocy” on those who support the Second Amendment.

As is his wont, British citizen Morgan took to his Twitter account once again to denounce those in favor of the rights Americans enjoy.

A young man from Indiana going by the name Brice Widau tweeted to Morgan asking him why we don’t “ban mayonnaise” since obesity is supposedly a bigger killer in the U.S. than are guns. Piers replied to the young man saying that he and those who support the Constitution are wallowing in “idiocy,” and he wants to “ban” it.

I’d rather ban your kind of idiocy > RT @bassistbrice: @piersmorgan obesity is a number one killer in America. Should we ban mayonnaise?

Clearly the Second Amendment isn’t the only part of that Constitution thingie foreign citizen Morgan despises. He is also against that whole “freedom of speech” business.

Of course, this is the same Piers Morgan who claimed that “being civil” was necessary for a proper debate in the U.S.

He’s also the CNNer that called a guest “unbelievably stupid,” you know, for civility’s sake. Not to mention the guy who said that the Bible needed to be rewritten. There goes that “freedom of religion” part of the U.S. Constitution.

Then again, he’s also the bloke that threatened to scurry back to his own country and self-deport over the fact that he so hates the U.S. Constitution. We here heartily support that decision… not that his fellow countrymen do.