Howard Kurtz Begs ESPN to Re-Hire Keith Olbermann

Howard Kurtz Begs ESPN to Re-Hire Keith Olbermann

The same Howard Kurtz who mercilessly ridiculed the idea that Fox News would hire the very successful and charismatic Herman Cain, today published a gushing love letter to the “ubertalented” Keith Olbermann that begged ESPN to re-hire him:

I’m going to lead a chant: Let’s Go Keith!!

It would be great fun to see him holding forth again on sporting matters. Is the guy supposed to stay sidelined for the rest of his life, just because he’s got a bit of a temper? Don’t the fans of America deserve better?

Olbermann is reportedly an absolute nightmare to work with, and his last gig at Current TV was a total ratings failure. (So much for “fans of America” missing him.) But Kurtz has enough time on his hands (you know, because the media is doing everything so perfect) and thinks enough of Olbermann to pen him an unsolicited letter of recommendation.

I have an idea, Howie: Why doesn’t the Daily Beast or Daily Download offer Olbermann a job? If you think he deserves another chance and miss him so much, why not see if you can’t bring him aboard one of your ships so you can be the one to deal with him.

Instead of pressuring an outlet that likely doesn’t want to relive a nightmare, step up!


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