78% of MSNBC Viewers Approve of 'Targeted Killing of American Citizens'

78% of MSNBC Viewers Approve of 'Targeted Killing of American Citizens'

MSNBC host Ed Schultz surveyed his undeniably left-wing viewership on the issue of President Obama’s drone strike policy, specifically the targeting of American citizens for assassination. A full 78% took the time to text their support; only 22% disagreed.

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Is it a stretch to believe that these are the same people who screamed bloody murder over warrantless wiretaps, indefinite detention, and making terrorists uncomfortable through water boarding?  No — no, it’s not.  And yet, targeted assassinations without due process at the hands of President WaterboardingIsWrong is okey-dokey.

We’re seeing the same dynamic in our media, as well. The same media that exploded over successful interrogation techniques and wiretaps have only managed to summon token opposition to Obama Dr. Strangeloving U.S. citizens without any kind of oversight.

The left and the media hated Bush, not the actions he took. And now we know for sure that all that fury was nothing more than partisan posturing.

Whether it’s the media or MSNBC viewers, as the saying goes, scratch a liberal and you find a fascist.



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