Chuck Todd On IRS Story: 'Where's The Outrage?'

Chuck Todd On IRS Story: 'Where's The Outrage?'

NBC News White House correspondent appeared on “Morning Joe” Monday morning to discuss Friday’s revelations that the IRS had flagged non-profit groups affiliated with the tea party and conservative causes for greater scrutiny.  

In a telling back-and-forth with colleague Tom Brokaw, Todd expressed dismay over the “very weak” White House reaction Friday suggesting the scandal has broader political implications for the Democrats than they may think. “This story has more legs politically in 2014 than Benghazi,” Todd said as Brokaw chimed in, “Welcome to the second term, Mr. President.”

It didn’t seem like they had a sense of urgency about it, a real sense of outrage. And then look at the reaction of the entire Democratic Party. Of course the Republican Party’s jumping on this, they’re standing up for members of their base constituency, and at the same time, beating up the IRS is always good politics. Why aren’t there more Democrats jumping on this? This is outrageous no matter what political party you are. Where was the sense of outrage?

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