Huffington Post Fooled By Fake White House Press Corps Site

Huffington Post Fooled By Fake White House Press Corps Site

The Huffington Post reported that “The White House Press Corps homepage and Twitter feed appears to have been hacked early Friday” but it appears they were observing a fake site and Twitter feed that has no actual affiliation with the White House Press Corps.  

Just before 2 a.m., tweets began flowing into @whpresscorps, complaining about bias in the media. The hackers’ beef seemed to be with any news organization that met with Attorney General Eric Holder to discuss how the Justice Department will handle future instances of spying on journalists.

Numerous news outlets refused to attend the meeting with Holder because it was supposed to be “off the record.” But five chose to go, and those were the ones lambasted by the unknown hacker(s):

HuffPo then posted a few of the tweets from the pretend Twitter account to show examples of the supposed hacking:

However, the website and Twitter feed are mock accounts. 

The actual White House Press Association home page is and the actual Twitter stream is @whca.

As of 2:15 PM ET, the post at Huffington Post had yet to be updated or corrected. It was originally published at 4:41 AM ET.