Olbermann Returns

In a stunning statement to half of their viewers, TBS has announced polarizing TV personality Keith Olbermann will co-host their post-season baseball coverage this fall. Olbermann has recently settled with his last employer, Current TV, and has been relatively idle since his last full-time gig. 

Olbermann’s controversial rhetorical style is seen by many Americans as offensive, abrasive, and condescending, which makes TBS’ decision all the more confusing, considering baseball coverage is meant to be free of polarizing political commentary. The move is also fascinating considering Olbermann’s professional record is peppered with lawsuits, vitriol, and shouting matches with former employers. In short, when Olbermann ends his relationship with a network, he doesn’t end it well. 

Olbermann adressed this concern directly in a statement to the Boston Globe: “If you go through the 37 pages of my résumé, you’ll notice that every one of my jobs has lasted at least one month. So I’m covered no matter what the eventuality is.”

Ultimately, Olbermann wants to focus on the game of baseball and not his past political positions: “This is perfect for me on several different levels. Baseball is my passion. Last season, I did this at home to the TV by myself. Now, there will be people watching, I’ll get paid for it, and I get to wear a tie rather than sitting around in my uniform pretending to be a player.”