Report: Couric Upset Over 'Dumbed-Down' Talk Show

Report: Couric Upset Over 'Dumbed-Down' Talk Show

According to the Daily News, Katie Couric is upset over the gossipy direction of her daily, syndicated talk show.  

Sources for the Confidenti@l section of the Daily News say that the syndicated daytime show will be “gossip-centric” in its second season, since a recent shakeup replaced executive producer Michael Morrison with “The Tyra Banks Show” executive producer Rachel Miskowiec.

Couric, who is also a co-executive producer on the show, is upset at being “dumbed down,” a source says, and was set on calling it quits after season one. Then Miskowiec arrived and promised a nice middle ground of hard-hitting news and softer fare — but count on it being more on the light side, says our source.

“If there is one thing Katie hates more than being called ‘perky,’ it’s being called ‘tabloid,’ ” our source says. “She thinks of herself as a serious journalist, covering stories that make a difference. She’s fighting this.”

Couric, who at one time played the part of anchor for the CBS Evening News, will now helm a re-vamped show with “a healthy dose of gossip, fashion and pop culture segments.”