Conservative Columnist Kathleen Parker: 'Hillary Can Save the World'

Conservative Columnist Kathleen Parker: 'Hillary Can Save the World'

Kathleen Parker shot to fame in 2008 with her attacks on then-vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Immediately afterwards, a columnist practically no one had heard of became a mainstream media darling. This would be followed by Parker’s humiliating failure co-hosting a short-lived CNN show with Eliot Spitzer. Desperate again for the spotlight, Parker went on MSNBC Wednesday to claim Hillary Clinton “can save the world.”

Kathleen Parker is not a conservative; like Joe Scarborough, David Frum, and Ana Navarro, Parker is a selfish “brand,” and like the others, she has only been able to earn the wealth and media-love she obviously thinks she deserves by being counted on to stab her own in the back.

If it weren’t for their decision to sell out, Parker would be an aging columnist … somewhere, Scarborough would be back in Florida as the guy who once hosted the failed “Scarborough Country,” Frum would be an ex-speechwriter, and Navaro — well, who knows.

It was only selling out their own and their country that made them who they are. Because this is the deal for your soul the media make to conservatives: We’ll love you, shower you in attention, and make you rich, if you’ll just come on the air and use your Republican standing to undermine your own.

You hardly ever see Parker, Scarborough, Frum or Navaro defend or promote conservatives and conservative ideas. That is not part of the deal. The media that pull their strings do not want that. What the media want are “brands” like Parker on whom they can count to damage the Republican brand.

Thankfully, only a few are desperate and selfish enough to grab such a sleazy deal.

P.S. It doesn’t work the other way around, either. The quickest way for a Democrat or journalist to get themselves brutalized by the media is to violate The Left-wing Narrative. You can ask Bob Woodward and Juan Williams, all about that.


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