NYT Laments Syrian Crisis, Debt-Ceiling Delayed Amnesty Vote

NYT Laments Syrian Crisis, Debt-Ceiling Delayed Amnesty Vote

On Sunday, the New York Times lamented that a possible U.S. attack on Syria and the looming debt-ceiling showdown have temporarily delayed a House vote over amnesty for illegal immigrants.

“The sudden debate over military action in Syria and a looming face-off with President Obama over the budget and the nation’s borrowing limit have shot to the top of the legislative agenda,” wrote the Times. “The prospect of a delay is generating frustration among supporters of the legislation.”

The Times said pro-amnesty groups will not be deterred, however, and are dedicated to organizing and fighting during the legislative lull. Immigration activists delivered 600,000 petitions to the Ohio offices of Speaker John Boehner last Wednesday, and immigration groups are busy mobilizing for a strong push next October, with rallies planned in over 40 cities followed by a march on Washington.

Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon and Breitbart News investigative reporter Matthew Boyle reported on Saturday that conservatives opposing amnesty are also remaining vigilant as congress considers other matters. “Conservatives will be on guard to not lose sight of immigration reform being passed in some way,” wrote Bannon and Boyle. “Conservatives on Capitol Hill are warning the American people to not lose sight of the battle against amnesty. They fear the talk of amnesty being off the table until 2017, like the article from Politico’s Allen and Vandehei, means establishment politicians could get something through while people’s attention is focused elsewhere.”

The Times noted that while some pro-amnesty activists are growing increasingly frustrated with their inability thus far to gain a vote in the House, advocates remain undeterred.

“We don’t control the timing. What we do control is the pressure,” said Service Employees International Union (SEIU) immigration campaign leader Eliseo Medina. “They will get this done when the pressure is so great they have to act.”