Yahoo Political Reporter Posts Photo of Michele Bachmann 'Twerking'

Yahoo Political Reporter Posts Photo of Michele Bachmann 'Twerking'

Chris Moody, political reporter for Yahoo News, added a sexual subtext to an innocent photo of Republican Representative Michele Bachmann, with a tweet that referred to the photo as an example of Bachmann “twerking” – what the Urban Dictionary refers to as a “slutty dance derived from strip clubs.”

The photo of Bachmann bending over to shake a hand linked in Moody’s tweet is hosted at Perez, a celebrity website that became famous for its photos demeaning women in ways too disgusting to describe here.

Moody’s tweet is apparently a reply to Bachmann, who said she had “never twerked in my life” when asked about Miley Cyrus trashing her on last week’s “Saturday Night Live.” Cyrus has been riding a wave of publicity for a performance filled with twerking a couple of weeks ago.

For years now, Republican women like Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Malkin have been attacked in media and popular culture with demeaning sexual depictions, “jokes,” and taunts-attacks that would be roundly condemned by the mainstream media if directed towards the likes of a Michelle Obama.