Left Hammers CBS For NSA 'Puff Piece'

Left Hammers CBS For NSA 'Puff Piece'

“Full disclosure: I once worked in the office of the director of National Intelligence, where I saw firsthand how secretly the NSA operates,” intoned CBS reporter John Miller when introducing his “60 Minutes” segment on the embattled spy agency Sunday night.  

It was all down hill from there, in the eyes of many critics who accused CBS of allowing themselves to be used by the National Security Agency for propaganda purposes. 

Leading the charge was the Huffington Post who headlined their criticism of the report “A New Low,” and slammed CBS News for what they believed was a one-sided report:  

The 25-minute segment consisted mostly of NSA officials dismissing concerns that their surveillance has gotten out of hand and showing off their gadgetry to the CBS cameras. There were no anti-NSA advocates or civil libertarians interviewed on-camera for the piece.

The last words in the segment came from NSA chief Keith Alexander: “This is precisely the time that we should not step back from the tools that we’ve given our analysts to detect these types of attacks.”

Twitter critics were even harsher: