Nation Magazine: Scott Walker will Never Be President

Nation Magazine: Scott Walker will Never Be President

Relying on the skewed “reporting” of the charges from a discredited investigation claiming that Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker engaged in a “criminal” campaign scheme, liberal magazine The Nation declared that Walker will “never become president.”

In a piece by blogger John Nichols that is more bomb-throwing than fact, the lefty magazine explained why the Wisconsin Governor doesn’t have the stuff to become president.

After making snide comments about how Scott Walker doesn’t measure up to Ronald Reagan, and how Walker is bad on the campaign trail, Nichols rolls into the media coverage of the recent news that partisan investigators led by a partisan Democrat county prosecutor had said that Walker is guilty of corruption by coordinating his election campaign with outside groups in violation of campaign finance laws.

But one thing neither Nichols nor the media types he quotes bothers to mention is that these “new” charges really aren’t new.

They came out last week only because prosecutors are being sued by the conservative Wisconsin Club for Growth whose lawyers asked a federal judge to unseal a cache of documents so that they could prove to the public just how biased the “John Doe” investigation was.

Instead of reporting on facts, the way Nichols explained why Walker isn’t presidential material was to regurgitate the media’s misleading coverage of the recent news as if their failed reporting was somehow “damning” of Walker.

Nichols did lightly touch on the fact — the real fact — that a state and a federal judge invalidated the “John Doe” investigation, but went on to blow those facts off as unimportant.

As Gabriel Malor so ably explained, “The media claim was based entirely on the subpoena document that was denied by the state judge as failing utterly to demonstrate probable cause to believe a crime occurred. In short: the judge, looking at all the evidence, found no reason to believe that a crime had occurred. That has not stopped the media from falsely implying otherwise.”

Yet Nichols followed right along with the media’s false narrative saying, “The headlines in Wisconsin Thursday were damning.” Believing Nichols is like listening to the worst high school rumor mill and expecting to get to the truth about someone.

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