Theory: 'Somebody' Posing 'as a Conservative' Leaked 'Clinton Inc.'

Theory: 'Somebody' Posing 'as a Conservative' Leaked 'Clinton Inc.'

A source told the Daily Beast that “The working theory of who” leaked copies of Daniel Halper’s upcoming book Clinton Inc.:  The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine, is “Somebody who wants to come across as a conservative.”

Broadside Books and Halper, an editor at the Weekly Standard, we’re gearing up the publicity machine around Halper’s new book, which is set for a July 22 street date. Saturday night, though, someone got a PDF copy of the entire 317 pager and blasted it out in what the Daily Beast described as a “series of mass-media emails containing PDFs.”

Many of the recipients were prominent journalists:

 “Here is a book I bought today that you all must read. Its [sic] coming in several emails so it doesn’t spam you,” Wright–or, rather, “Wright”–wrote in his initial email. “Someone has exposed The Royal Clinton’s [sic]. King Smarmy Bill, Queen Smug Chilary, and Princess Spolied Chlesea [sic]. I don’t know David Halper or his other books. But he obviously knows people who have been dying to tell the truth and finally have.

“Will you take it seriously or will the liberal press coronate the Clintons by attacking the messenger. …

The email was signed: RJW/ Spreading The “Wright” Message

Some in the publishing business who spoke to the Daily Beast are not buying that the leaker is a conservative.

“The working theory of who it might be is somebody who wants to come across as a conservative, but in a way it seems like they’re trying too hard,” this source said. “So it might be somebody who’s not a conservative. They have an excellent, sophisticated media list, including people who are not commonly known, so this is somebody with some Washington-New York media savvy. The most likely suspect would be someone affiliated with the Clintons.”

It seems inconceivable that any conservative with access to the email addresses of a number of high-profile journalists would think they were doing Halper’s book any favors by releasing it prematurely. The obvious goal here seems to be to upset a planned roll-out and publicity campaign.

By handing the book to the mainstream media early, it gives legions of pro-Clinton journalists all kinds of time to do what most of them desperately want to do: push back, blunt, and dismiss any criticism of Ms. Clinton that might undermine her ascension to the presidency.

Via email Breitbart News reached out to the pro-Clinton Media Matters and Correct the Record to ask if they or anyone associated with their organization had anything to do with the leak. We will update if we hear back.


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