Gun Owners, Tea Party, Romney: Scarborough Adds Israel to List of Betrayals

Gun Owners, Tea Party, Romney: Scarborough Adds Israel to List of Betrayals

After spending the last few years doing everything in his rather considerable power to re-elect Barack Obama in 2012, undermine the Tea Party, mock Sarah Palin, and water down our Second Amendment civil rights, Politico reports that MSNBC’s token Republican Joe Scarborough has now turned against Israel.

Like the above-mentioned principles the left-wing Scarborough has betrayed, opposing and undermining Israel is a very important qualifier when it comes to being accepted among the mainstream media. What’s especially important in hitting this qualifier is to base your rage against Israel on nothing involving facts or truth or moral literacy.

Thursday morning Scarborough accused Israel of heinous war crimes. Israel’s “continued killing of women and children, in a way that appears to be indiscriminate, is asinine,” he cried. “As much as we all hate Hamas, what is going to replace Hamas is going to be much worse… This is such a nightmare that is unfolding.”

As my colleague Joel Pollak points out, Scarborough’s betrayal is nothing more than a declaration of his loyalty to the MSM. Because it’s certainly not based on facts:

Scarborough’s basic claim–that Israel is killing Palestinian civilians indiscriminately–is demonstrably untrue. Israel is going to extreme lengths to protect civilians in Gaza–not only warning them in advance of attacks, but calling off many attacks when too many civilians were present, and evacuating wounded civilians to hospitals in Israel. (One Palestinian woman saved by Israeli soldiers even prayed for their safety from her hospital bed.)

Col. Richard Kemp (Ret.), the former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, recently commended Israel for its protection of civilians. “Three days ago,” he told an interviewer, “I spoke to an Israeli pilot that told me that the same morning he had aborted an enemy target a total of 17 times because there were civilians in the target zone, and eventually he abandoned the operation.” No other military matches Israel’s record, he notes.

Scarborough hurling accusations of war crimes at Israel without knowing anything is a breathtaking betrayal. No one yet knows if it was in fact Israeli mortars that killed those civilians. No one knows if the Palestinians demanded civilians remain in targeted dwellings. No one knows if offensive weaponry and tunnels made those targets legitimate, meaning that Hamas is once again using human shields.

No one knows.

But as it has been reported, Scarborough very badly wants to host “Meet the Press,” and if you want that gig, you better prove your anti-Israel bona fides right quick.

 John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC