Report: Embattled David Gregory Meets with CNN Chief

Report: Embattled David Gregory Meets with CNN Chief

With rumors swirling about David Gregory being booted as host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” in a few months, a meeting between Gregory and CNN chief Jeff Zucker and news of CNN developing a “prime-time pilot that could be perfect for David,” are bound to garner attention:

“No one was surprised to hear David was meeting over at CNN,” a network-news insider said after word spread that Gregory was spotted at the rival news network. “Jeff and David have been very close professionally and personally. Jeff was a champion of David’s during his time at NBC. Their families are close. They have a very strong relationship that dates back to the 1990s.” Before rising to CEO, Zucker had been producer of ­”Today” when Gregory was hired at the network.

Another source said CNN is “currently testing for a prime-time pilot that could be perfect for David.”

NBC News President Deborah Turness has publicly supported Gregory, but a source sniffed, “He should be looking. ‘Meet the Press’ is in distress.” The show’s ratings have plummeted 43 percent after the death of Tim Russert.

This entire dance involving the moving around of MSM boxes filled with low-rated left-wingers is fascinating.

You’d think Zucker would want to hire some who is not a proven ratings loser.

On the other hand, NBC is apparently considering Joe Scarborough and Chuck Todd as replacements for Gregory at “Meet the Press” — which is kind of like switching out Val Kilmer for George Clooney as Batman.

The media just keeps moving the same ole/same ole around and the viewers keep heading for the hills of a new and more honest media.

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