Jeff Zucker: There’s Room for Jon Stewart at CNN


CNN President Jeff Zucker said there would be room at his reeling network for comedian and fake news personality Jon Stewart, who announced this week that he is leaving The Daily Show.

“Sure. If he wants to come, we’d like to talk to him,” Zucker reportedly said on Thursday, according to Adweek. “I tried to hire Jon Stewart to basically bring ‘The Daily Show’ to NBC.”

But Zucker then conceded that he did not think “it’s in the cards.”

“But if you’re asking if there would be room for it, the answer is yes,” he reportedly added. “Is it likely to happen? I don’t really think so. We’d love to have that conversation.”

Since Zucker has taken over at CNN, the network’s ratings have plummeted to record lows. The network already known for its rabid left-wing biases and derided as the “Clinton News Network” fanned the racial flames in Ferguson last year, perpetuating the false that a “gentle giant” was gunned down from behind in cold blood by a cop who may have been racist. After CNN contributed to the damage that had been done, the facts showed that the “gentle giant,” who was not shot from behind with his hands up, had been involved in a strong-arm robbery minutes before his altercation with officer Darren Wilson. But the damage was done, the bell was rung, and the false narrative, which CNN helped perpetuate, was already in place.

Ferguson is just one example of why many Americans are tuning out CNN, which is lurching even more to the left to court MSNBC viewers. Realizing that Americans do not view the network as the “most trusted name in news,” CNN has also gone to more scripted programming, documentaries and even game shows.