Dear Media: Hillary Is the One Defying ‘Disqualification Gravity,’ Not Trump

Candidates For President Attend Iowa Democrat's Wing Ding Dinner
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How corrupt and bubble-dumb is the American media? So corrupt and bubble-dumb that they believe the 2016 candidate defying disqualification gravity is Donald Trump,  not Hillary Clinton.

Among many others in the left-wing media, Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin and CNN’s Dana Bash have said repeatedly that were he anyone else, Trump would have already disqualified himself as a viable presidential candidate.

Bash, who will be moderating an upcoming Republican debate, said that she believed Trump should’ve been disqualified over not wanting to be in the same room with a woman using a breast pump.

Halperin said this morning that Trump said “7 or 8 things” during a Sunday morning interview that would have disqualified any other candidate.

And these are just two examples. This Narrative has pretty much been everywhere among our Media Overlords since Trump has again and again defied their predictions of his political demise.

As is the case with most things, all of this talk about “defying disqualification gravity” coming from our media about Trump is only revealing of just how corrupt and bubbled the media are.

A breast pump; a cheap shot at John McCain; telling the truth about illegal immigration… These are the things the mainstream media believe would disqualify any other Republican.

Notice, though, how these Thought Leaders don’t say the same about Hillary Clinton, whose list of sins is almost too large to fit on the Internet.

Here is what the media does not see as disqualifying behavior from Ms. Clinton:

Hillary is accused by numerous women of seeking to destroy them in order to protect her sexual predator husband; the same husband who settled a sexual harassment lawsuit and still stands accused of rape.

As Secretary of State, Hillary violated government regulations by using a secret email account for government business.

Hillary has serially-lied about this secret email account.

Hillary compromised national security on at least 60 occasions (and counting) with this secret email account.

Hillary compromised national security through a home-brewed server and a thumb drive given to her attorney. In other words, for years classified data was outside the control of our security agencies.

Hillary jokes about her emails.

Hillary tied up the press; LITERTALLY, tied up the press.

Hillary is hiding from the media.

Hillary lied to the family members of Benghazi victims.

I could keep going all the way back to cattle future, but according to our media, it is Trump defying the normal gravity of politics, not Clinton.

This is no surprise. After all this is the same media that ensured Barack Obama’s 20 years in a racist church, his association with a domestic terrorist, and a very shady deal involving the purchase of his Chicago home that involved convicted felon Tony Rezko weren’t disqualifying.

When it comes to our media, nothing disqualifies Democrats. Not palling around with terrorists and not compromising national security.

But heaven forbid a Republican doesn’t want to watch a woman use a breast pump. 


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