LevinTV Extended Through 2022

Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Originally posted at Conservative Review:

Washington, DC (April 12, 2016) – CRTV® is excited to announce that LevinTV, the popular TV show hosted by Mark Levin, one of the nation’s most compelling, passionate and thoughtful conservative voices, has achieved such early success that production of the digital platform has been extended through 2022.

“From day one, we were confident that America was looking for a show like LevinTV,” said Chris Crane, Chief Content Officer of CRTV. “LevinTV has hit it out of the park, and we’re convinced that his audience will only continue to grow.”

LevinTV is a commercial-free explosion of Mark Levin’s engaging personality, unique intellect and passionate commentary about history, economics, philosophy and the latest political and current events. With more than forty minutes of original content every weeknight, the show also features exclusive, long-form interviews with compelling guests from all walks of life, as well as questions and comments from fans via social media.

“This seven-year deal is positive proof that America has long wanted a show where people can have their principles, beliefs and values reinforced rather than attacked,” Mark Levin said. “We knew that an unabashedly pro-American TV show would resonate throughout America.”

LevinTV is America’s new televised Town Hall meeting and is the next step in the evolution of digital conservative media. Broadcast in HD in CRTV’s “bunker” themed state-of-the-art 3,000 square foot studio, Mark Levin brings his unique perspective of pro-American and patriotic values to a show that champions the Constitution, liberty and true conservatism.

LevinTV was an immediate hit – so popular that, within minutes of its announcement in late February 2016, the LevinTV site was overwhelmed with interest and subscriber sign-ups.

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