Failure Of BuzzFeed Politics Proven In Less Than 10 Mins

Today, those BenSmithing BenSmithers at BuzzFeed Politics dropped a hit-piece on us. Just a few minutes ago, we linked that piece here at Breitbart and it was fascinating to watch our link to their piece receive more action in ten-minutes than what we’ve seen over at their still-born site in over four hours.

As someone who keeps an eye on BuzzFeed Politics, something that’s always struck me about the site is how lousy a community it has. A vibrant site has a great community of readers who leave comments and make the site look alive. Because BuzzFeed Politics is attached to the very popular and already well-established BuzzFeed, there’s no way to know what the Politics’ site looks like traffic-wise on its own, but as far as a community, it’s one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Right now they have about 25 posts on the front page; many have less than 10 comments,  a majority have less than 25, and none has more than 60!

Here we are in the closing days of a major election and a politics site that gets all kinds of attention from its corrupt media cronies and is geared towards memes and social media, can’t get arrested as far as attracting any kind of community.

Here at Breitbart News we posted the BuzzFeed hit on us and within 10 short minutes we had more comments than the original article at BuzzFeed has received in over four hours. Like most everything else they publish, the piece is just lying there.

And this isn’t because we’ve been around longer. When we first launched Big Hollywood from Andrew Breitbart’s basement almost four years ago, we had built a community within a day.

That isn’t to say that  every once in a while BuzzFeed doesn’t write something that gets some real play. But overall, my guess is that were it not for Ben Smith’s journOlist cronies throwing him loyalty-links and the power of main site, BuzzFeed Politics wouldn’t survive very long as a standalone.