Politico Playbook: ‘Obama took a risk with his snide derision’

Ever since Romney’s surge, Politico’s been about as useful as a screen door on a submarine because momentum against Obama is simply something that awful rag doesn’t want to talk about. But out of duty to my country and fidelity to the Breitbart Mission, I still slog through it everyday.

Of note this morning is the corrupt Politico going off the Obama talking points. Today’s Playbook opener should be worrisome to Team Obama: [emphasis mine]

President Obama won last night’s foreign-policy debate on substance, in snap polls and with the pundits, but Mitt Romney did well enough that for the first time in six years, Romney folks emailed, “We’re going to win.” His moderate, me-too rhetoric drew derision from the smart set: “Romney’s Final Debate Message: I’ll Be A Better Obama,” snarked Talking Points Memo. Obama took a risk with his snide derision – “very, very overtly patronizing terms,” as Rachel Maddow approvingly described his sarcastic riff defining submarines and aircraft carriers for Romney. What we don’t yet know is how all this played with  independent, switchable women voters. Remember: You weren’t the target audience.

The second major point in the Playbook is Obama on defense over his lack of a second term vision:

Faced with persistent calls for more detail about what a second term would look like, President Obama this morning will hold up a glossy, 20-page repackaging of the plans he has announced on subjects from energy to education: “The New Economic Patriotism: A PLAN FOR JOBS & MIDDLE-CLASS SECURITY.” Obama will unveil the booklet at a 10:10 a.m. event at Delray Tennis Center in Delray, Florida. The campaign says 3.5 million copies are being printed, with 1.5 million of those being sent to field offices.

Last night Romney went-toe-to-toe with the media’s Precious One and this morning that same media has nothing to attack Romney with.

Again, Obama might have won the debate on points, but he’s already losing the argument.