Dear Mr. President, Why Are Conservatives So Evil?

In the recent Sunday edition (January 20, 2013) of The Washington Post, the KidsPost feature included a few letters written by kids to the President.  There were a handful of believeable letters, such as:

  • “My hopes and dreams for the next four years are for there to be an All Ice Cream Day…” – 4th grader
  • “My hopes and dreams for the amazing 2013 that there should be an Adopt a Dog Day…” – 6th grader

Both of these kids are from Vienna, so perhaps there was some sort of formula the teachers came up with since they are similar.  However, their concerns seem believeable.  What kid doesn’t think about ice cream and dogs? 

Then the letters get a little too preachy.

  • “You should try to help schools earn more money.” – 4th grader [I bet she got an A on this assignment!]
  • “You should also make longer school recesses so there is less childhood obesity.” – 10 years old [Just what every husky kid wants — more time with bullies in the schoolyard!]
  • “The pipeline should be stopped.  It will go over the Trail of Tears…  Forests will get cut down too.” – 14 years old [I went through a ‘Save the Dolphins’ phase when I was a kid, but I find it hard to believe this tween cares about the Keystone Pipeline.  I can’t help but think the parent who makes this poor girl use a hyphenated last name is the culprit.  Surprised not to see “P.S. I want free birth control.”]
  • “I think you should make health care free and that handicapped people, like people in wheelchairs and others, should have the government help pay their taxes.” – 12 years old [Proof that every Democratic speechwriter is overpaid.]
  • “Please don’t let the army attack another country first.” – 1st grader (online) [I’d believe this letter was real if it ended with “P.S. Why does paste taste so good?” or “Sincerely, John Kerry”] 

Go here to see the letters submitted online (and not just the ones cherry-picked by the Post) and to have your child submit his or her own.