Obama’s non-recess recess appointments rebuked

It’s always fun to read a federal court decision that says exactly the same things conservative bloggers were saying, as in the case of the new court smackdown delivered against Obama’s assertion of the power to unilaterally declare Congress out of session.  There was talk of “eviscerating” the Constitution.  It was the judicial equivalent of a “Spartacus” season finale.

But the disturbing thing is that Obama’s political objectives were accomplished through his power grab.  His relations with Labor were shored up, and instead of exacting a political price by examining and denouncing his move, the media enabled him.  They carried his water, and made his critics pay a price in the coin of public opinion… even though the critics were right, and as the new court decision emphasizes, they were obviously right.

That’s one of the worst things about having such a heavily biased, partisan media.  The political cost for liberals is always deferred, so they feel free to do things that a Republican administration would consider too politically expensive to even consider.  A truly impartial, adversarial press would make every politician feel that way.