Old News: Colin Powell

First, my opinion of Colin Powell is simple.  He is a success story, an army hero, and a servant of the American People.  I will never attack his character because I have too much respect for him.  That’s me.

Secondly, I don’t understand the outrage at Colin Powell comments.  He is merely regurgitating the left’s definition of the Tea Party.  The only difference is now he’s challenging the Progressive Republicans of the party to publicly stand against the Tea Party. 

Think– the second blow of a two piece combo, the first being nominating Republican Senator Chuck Hagel to the CIA.  Obama is starting to surround himself with Progressives from both parties.  Colin Powell is assisting in this area; not out of political expediency, but a truly held and currently in power belief. 

Progressives are in both parties.  Both parties have an element in them that loves Big Government.  They just want their version of Big Government.  It’s a fight to see whose left standing when the American dust settles and they will stand and fight against any group that demands government power be extinguished before the collapse can occur.

The Republican Party is being challenged to disavow the Tea Party, like the last four years are our fault.  This time, the Left’s appointed a General (pun intended) to lead the war.  The left is setting the right up to devour ourselves and it might not be such a bad thing.