School Choice Works

It’s National School Choice Week and Heritage has a timely reminder that school choice works:

students who participate in the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program
(DCOSP)–a private school voucher program for low-income K-12 students–graduate
at significantly higher rates than their peers, according to the
results of a “gold standard” (randomized, control group) study
. More than 90 percent of DCOSP students graduate high school, compared to just 70 percent of their peers.

The study linked above avoided self-selection bias by only considering those who applied for the scholarship. Those who got in had a 91 percent graduation rate compared to 70 percent for those who did not get in because the number of scholarships was limited.

President Obama cut funding to the program in 2009, but it was resurrected by John Boehner and Joe Lieberman.