Re: The Long Game

In response to We should be playing the long game:

Yes, yes, yes.  This is also true with infrastructure beyond elections.  Right-leaning people need to stop complaining about the bias in legacy media, education and Hollywood and seek out jobs in those industries.  This is particularly important and attainable for those just out of college who don’t already have a history of political advocacy on their resume.  They should apply for jobs and internships at the major networks, universities and studios.  It won’t be easy to suffer in silence, but gradually as you gain the respect of your colleagues you’ll be able to make a difference.  We’re conservatives (and libertarians) — we know life is hard.  Saying it’s a hard road ahead or we’re already too behind are not excuses.  We need to invest in infrastructure and skill training (reporting, producing, designing, etc.) that will get our people in the door.

(Here’s my rant on the same subject right after the election.)