Crack Dealer, Turned Rapper, Turned Cartoon Character?

That’s right. Rapper, 50 Cent is about to get animated for Fox. Soon your children could be watching a show based on the childhood of gangsta rapper 50 cent (Curtis Jackson). Soon to be slated for a pilot, the project follows a “mischievous but well-meaning boy who ofter tangles with his eccentric family and neighborhood, reports 

This matters. 

While there is no mention as to if  the show will even get off the ground, the sheer fact that a major film corporation is considering green-lighting a pilot, is cause for pause. Consider the cultural implications. An animated series such as this is going to be geared towards the young, the impressionable. And while you may be able to guard your younglings from watching the show, their peers will watch it. And that’s the point. I still remember the Saturday morning cartoon lineup I used to watch as a boy. But none of the cartoon shows I watched growing up were produced by and based on the life of a felon who was only famous because he got shot 9 times. 

America is not in a rut by accident or because the Founding Fathers were wrong. No. We are gripped by a educational, economic and moral dilemma because are culture is corrupt. And a misogynistic and vulgar rapper having saturday morning access to your kids is the result.  

Just let this serve as a sobering reminder that while politics matters, it is (as Andrew knew) downstream from culture.